scene one

The sequel to the wildly successful "Las Vegas Street Walker" Kayla is once again prowling The Las Vegas Strip in search of hung black men."It's such a rush for me to walk The Strip with my big tits flopping and my ass cheeks hanging out. I gotta keep moving because if I stop on the corner or stand in one place the traffic on The Strip will come to a hault. When ever I turn down a side street all the traffic turns down the side street with me". On this outing for BBC I decided to strut my tits and ass in front of Mandalay Bay, The Excaliber, The MGM and Hooters wearing a shirt that says Big Black Cock Whore on the front! I was starting to get hot from the desert sun so I was glad when local resident D. Wise motioned me over to get into his car. D said he recognized me and would be more than happy to take me home and dump his load in my pussy.

What follows is an afternoon of pure black cock lust. " D took his time working first on my tits and fucking my throat at the breeding bench and then moving on to my asshole and finally climbing on top of me to grunt his sperm load deep into my cunt. Thats my favorite right now, having my man mount me missionary style with my legs in the air. Having that big black cock inside me with a strong black man riding me for all he is worth and pumping his black seed right into my baby hole. Nothing makes me feel more of a woman and big black cock slut. I'm betting that this video will provide everyone with hours of jerk off enjoyment. More Las Vegas Street Walker episodes will follow.

Love Kayla


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